Citation Engraving MachineThe Citation® II

takes a simple approach to engraving. Two conventional automobile light bulbs, a microscope and an electronic eye are used to view the copy. The updated electronics enable the machine to engrave quicker, and with finer details. Scanning lines as narrow as 0.004" width can be easily engraved. Citation Engraving MachineThe flexibility of the machine also allows for a wide range of copy to be used. Any copy, photos, wallpaper, lace, certificate, diploma, wedding invitation, business card, and newspaper articles - basically any thing that will bend around the copy cylinder can be engraved. This means that conventional laser writer output can also be engraved. With the Citation®, photographs are quick and simple to engrave. There are no intermediate steps to prepare the photograph. The original photograph is used whether it is color or black & white. There is no need to create a black and white dot screen image. However, photographs that are already in a dot screen format can be engraved. Fine-screened images can be precisely engraved. All the details are engraved whether from the actual photograph or a screened reproduction of the photo. Engraved photographs have a unique marketing value. The engravings attract a great amount of interest and sales. The electronics can be easily adjusted to a variety of settings. Adjusting the electronics is like adjusting the brightness on a TV set. It is quick to engrave a small test strip to confirm the quality of the engraving, and simple to reset the scanner to complete the job. The edges of two pieces of paper laid on top of the other are easily overlooked. The gray tone of a newspaper can be used, and the electronics adjusted to see only the text. Gray tone of a pencil can be used and the electronics adjusted to engrave this also. Fine script text, like that found on wedding invitations, can be vividly engraved. The machine uses an extremely simple mechanical advancement technique. The mechanical technique is similar to that used for over 30 years on previous models. Simple adjustments to the number of cuts per inch produce different effects. This modification was done to create a straightforward, foolproof method to advance the cutting action.

High Quality Engraving

Over forty years of manufacturing and daily production engraving using the Citation® has created a uniquely simple, endlessly flexible engraving machine.

The phrase used to describe what the Citation® machines can engrave has always been:

"Anything On Paper" The Citation® II can see any black & white copy. It can also see any gray. It can see copy as simple as a pencil signature or as complex as a color photograph. The Citation® can take complex copy and easily engrave a quality product.