Our Story

Our Story Graphic Electronics, Inc. is a family owned and operated engraving and customization company specializing in both wholesale and retail distribution of personalized products. We have a grown to enjoy a world-wide reach, all from humble beginnings and from our humble town of Spring Valley, Illinois. In the late 1950s, Bill Barron came back from serving overseas as a military photographer with an idea: he would re-invent the existing engraving machine, taking it from an unwieldy device the size of a large closet and turn it into the streamline machine that is still the standard used to this day. And in that, Graphic Electronics, Inc. was formed and the patented Citation Engraving machine was sold the world over. Now it is known for the precision and detail used in engraving plaques and awards, but in the beginning, it was also used to create newspapers type molds - another family tie-in to Bill's father, newspaper columnist John Barron. Graphic Electronics has continued to evolve and stay at the forefront of the industry, with Bill's son Mark continuing the family business and infusing the latest cutting edge technology, including laser etching and color sublimation techniques. For over 60 years, Graphic Electronics has been at the forefront of engraving. We have created a standard that is fit for everything from Hollywood sets, rock n' roll bands, and even Kings! We take pride in our products, and are happy to collaborate with you to meet whatever your needs may be. Please browse our site to get inspiration, and then contact us to make your ideas come to life!

High Quality Engraving

Over forty years of manufacturing and daily production engraving using the Citation® has created a uniquely simple, endlessly flexible engraving machine.

The phrase used to describe what the Citation® machines can engrave has always been:

"Anything On Paper" The Citation® II can see any black & white copy. It can also see any gray. It can see copy as simple as a pencil signature or as complex as a color photograph. The Citation® can take complex copy and easily engrave a quality product.